Disposable diapers, hygiene and healthcare textiles, filtration, automotive, industry, civil engineering, packaging, carpet backings, sugical mask, hospital clothes, surgical gowns, promotional bags, packet spring, sleep products, covers, etc.

Medical, Personal Care & Hygiene:
The fabric is used to make surgical masks, surgical dressing, operation gowns, hospital bed sheets, among other medical utilities. Diapers, medical caps, sanitary napkins, shoe cover, surgical dress, Isolation Gown, Operating coat, disinfecting bag, disposable health cloth, etc .

Apparel & Accessories:
Coveralls, pillowcases, clothing, all kinds of the synthetic leather base cloth, etc.

Agriculture: Crop Covers, Weed Control Fabrics, Nursey Overwintering, Roots Bags, crop protection fabrics, nonwovens for seeds. Anti-aging non woven fabric is widely used in weed control in agriculture, seeds breeding, crop protection. The UV-stable non woven can be degraded in nature; it is environment-friendly and leaves no residue behind.

Construction, Furniture packaging:
Roofing and Tile Underlayment, Pipe Wrap, food packaging, Sofa, and Mattress Lining

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